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What to Expect When Refurbishing an Old House

What to Expect When Refurbishing an Old House

Remodeling and renovation are things that most homeowners try at least once. So whether you’re updating your kitchen with more modern amenities or finishing your basement, there are many things to consider and projects to start.

However, renovations aren’t always dealing with your new, lived-in house. Sometimes, homeowners buy an old house for the sole purpose of fixing it up. But, what goes into refurbishing an old house? What should you expect?

There are many factors to consider and projects to undertake for older homes. Today, we’ll explore what you should expect when you tackle the big job of renovating an old house.

The roof is more than likely in need of replacement.


The most common issue for an older house sitting empty is the roof. Roofs take the brunt of the damage from the elements, and a roof that hasn’t been maintained in years has had to take that damage without any hope of repairs. Therefore, you’ll most likely need to find a reputable contractor to replace the roof. If you need a contractor, search for roofing companies in Phoenix or wherever your old house is located.

When your roof replacement begins, you’ll have a better view of the structure underneath the roof to see how much, if any, significant water damage has occurred. If so, you’ll probably need to replace a few rafters in the attic.

The floors are probably in desperate need of attention.


As the dust settles and animals find their way into the old, empty house, the floors throughout the home suffer. Most old homes desperately need new flooring, from cracks to warping to scratches. So, you’ll need to prepare for replacing almost all of the flooring throughout the home. If the house had hardwood floors or tile, they might just need some cleaning attention to get them back to tip-top shape. However, most other floors will need replacing.

However, if you want to save some time and money when you’re dealing with a wood floor that’s just scratched and dinged up, you can avoid the hassle of tearing it up by choosing a flooring option that can be placed over the hardwood, such as carpet. Carpet installation is fast, affordable, and offers a comfortable flooring surface.

The electrical and plumbing are likely in disarray.


When working with an old house, the electrical and plumbing probably didn’t hold up well to years of neglect. In addition, the older a home is, the more outdated the electrical and plumbing become. So, even if they’re in good condition, you should probably replace them anyway. Updated electrical and plumbing will not only keep your refurbished home safer, but they’ll also save you money on your utility bills.

The windows are probably in need of some attention.


When houses sit empty for a while, one of the most common things that happen is broken windows. Whether it’s passing kids tossing a rock or two at the old place or simply aging, brittle glass that couldn’t take anymore aging, there’s always at least one or two broken windows to deal with. However, it would be best to go ahead and update all the windows regardless of their condition as older windows are much less efficient than modern windows.

In addition, you should check around the windows for water damage as rain and snow could have found their way inside through the broken glass. If there is any water damage, you’ll need to address it now before it becomes a problem later.

Prepare for the unexpected when you’re working with older houses.

The unexpected is the only thing you can genuinely expect when refurbishing an old house. There are always many hidden problems aside from the obvious ones like the roof, flooring, electrical, plumbing, and windows. So, when you want to renovate an old house, set a larger budget if you can and be ready for anything during this challenging but highly rewarding experience.

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