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Ways To Incorporate Better Wellness Practices Personally and Professionally

Ways To Incorporate Better Wellness Practices Personally and Professionally

Good health is the most crucial asset anyone can have. Since the dawn of man, it has been crucial for human survival. Without it, our quality of life is drastically limited. In modern times, the fact that the health and wellness industry is now worth a trillion dollars. Many companies are offering a million and one ways to achieve perfect health.

However, despite all the great products and services the wellness industry offers, what remains crucial is how you incorporate them into your life. And that’s why we’re here to help. We’ve listed below five tips to incorporate better wellness practices personally and professionally.

1. Try to go organic.


In our fast-paced world, highly processed products give us cheaper and speedy satiation. The bad thing is, they come to the detriment of our health. Such foods include soda, GMO burgers, high fructose gummy bears, candy with artificial sweeteners, and more. They’re all high in sucrose, salt, and other chemicals. Luckily, organic alternatives are being provided.

We now have products like gluten-free cakes, vegan burgers, Spirulina, FDA-approved organic CBD gummies, THC-free CBD oil, and Turmeric herbal tinctures. Since these products essentially contain only natural ingredients, they enhance metabolism, are more nutritional, and offer holistic health. This is unlike highly processed food, which overworks our vital organs.

2. Opt for intellectual and mental stimulation.


In the pursuit of excellence, many of us no longer have time to think. We also have no time to socialize with family and friends. This is definitely not an ideal way to live. Your intellectual wellbeing is essential for good health. So are your mental, emotional and social facets. It’s a good idea to incorporate reading a book into your daily routine.

Serenade your team members and neighbors. Be positive and inspirational to everyone you meet. Happiness is infectious, after all. Happiness enhances health. Take a look at what Venterra CEO John Foresi has done over the past months. In this period of Covid-19, he has brought a little more cheer by creating a culture of celebrating healthcare workers.

3. Adopt an active lifestyle.


Modern technology makes life more convenient. This, in itself, isn’t negative. The issue is how it causes humans to live a sedentary lifestyle. This is more pertinent amongst urban folks who do everything to avoid the least discomfort. They get up at dawn, use the shower, drive to work, and sit down in an air-conditioned office all day.

They then order food when hungry, drive back home, shower, watch a movie and fall asleep. Such a lifestyle holds a high risk of leading to a serious health condition, such as heart attack or diabetes.

There’s always a solution for everything. One that’s better and enhances the quality of life. In this case, push yourself a little to live actively. You can opt to walk to a local wholefood restaurant to have lunch. You can also go to the market during the weekends and spend time cooking. It’s the smaller activities that count.

4. Have regular medical checkups.


Most people only go to a medical center when they fall ill, require prescription medication, or need a drug administration. Such practices are hazardous. In fact, they can be fatal. The importance of regular medical checkups can’t be overstated.

It’s a good idea to see a doctor every six months.

Regular checkups help your GP to detect a potential life-ending medical condition. They can then take the right measures to avert it. You’re also kept abreast with the latest trends and practices to live a high-quality life. Keep in mind that you can ask the doctor anything and everything. They’re there for you.

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