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Stockroom Organization Ideas and Guidelines

Stockroom Organization Ideas and Guidelines

Large and small businesses need effective systems to manage time and resources. The right tools allow companies to cut costs by increasing efficiency and preventing waste.

Approximately one out of every five new businesses shut down within its first two years of operation. Businesses close for multiple reasons, including lack of startup capital and lack of revenue. Since implementing effective strategies that maximize profits and reduce losses can make the difference between success and failure, business owners should use technology to improve their operations in every part of their facility. Disorganized stockrooms can contribute to employee theft, loss of resources, and employee frustration. Disorganized stockrooms also increase inefficiency because it takes employees longer to find the items they need. Let’s explore ways you can organize your stockroom to improve efficiency and reduce losses.

Asset-tracking software allows you to monitor resources remotely.


Your business’s assets include the equipment employees use to complete tasks and the resources they need for their jobs. Assets contribute to the company’s net worth and enable employees to perform more tasks and generate revenue.

Since assets are essential for your company’s operations, you should know what assets you have available and track them in real time. You can manage your business assets with asset tracking software. Asset-tracking software enables businesses to track their equipment. Asset-management software simplifies storing asset information, such as warranties and maintenance records. Employees can use your asset-management solution to sign out equipment or schedule maintenance. Employees can use smartphones to scan the asset’s barcode or QR codes and sign equipment out, ensuring your asset managers know exactly where each piece of equipment is at any time. This simplifies the process of tracking equipment when it’s misplaced.

You can also use asset-management programs to manage your supply chain. Stockroom staff can use smartphones or scanners to enter new resources acquired and track these items as they’re removed from stock, ensuring they order additional supplies before resources run out. Monitoring your company’s resources prevents you from incurring financial losses from downtime if employees lack the materials needed to perform their tasks. It also enables you to control spending and avoid tying up funds in your supplies by ordering more than you need.

Technology can reduce employee theft.


Employee theft costs companies billions in lost revenue each year. You can reduce employee theft by installing security cameras in your stockroom, ensuring you can visually monitor your stockroom from any location via your mobile phone. You can take advantage of bullet cameras, dome cameras, and fisheye cameras, ensuring every inch of your stockroom’s monitored at all times.

You can also take advantage of new Verkada systems to monitor stockroom traffic. In the latest Verkada news, the company introduced Verkada Guest, a visitor management system offering touchless check-in. Verkada Guest can also take photos and send notifications when someone arrives, allowing stockroom managers to respond when employees sign out assets. The program can unlock doors, enabling some or all of your employees to access the stockroom without assistance. You can customize Verkada Guest to follow your stockroom protocols, ensuring everyone follows the appropriate guidelines when they need to sign out equipment and resources. It produces analytics that companies can use to track activity and can be integrated into your security system.

Invest in custom shelving and signs.


Stockroom sizes can vary, but it can be challenging to locate resources even in small stockrooms if they’re disorganized. Whether you’re storing office supplies or construction vehicles, you’ll save time and prevent employee frustration with a practical storage system. Invest in custom shelving suitable for the items you store and hang signs indicating where to locate resources, ensuring employees can find the items they need.

You can save money with an organized stockroom. Utilizing asset-management software, security cameras, visitor-management systems, custom shelving, and signs will help you keep your stockroom organized and prevent employee theft.

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