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Steps to Opening a Salon in Michigan

Steps to Opening a Salon in Michigan

If you are a hairstylist or esthetician and are ready to take the plunge and open your own salon in Michigan, there are a lot of things you have to consider. 

Sometimes, small business and salon owners make the mistake of not adequately researching the process of opening a salon until it is too late and they are in over their heads. If you want to make sure to cover all your bases and have a smooth opening for your new salon in Michigan, read on for a complete starter guide.

1. Think long and hard about your business plan for your salon.

Many who open small businesses or salons do not sit down and properly think through their business plan. You should always ask yourself, “Who is my business for and how will I reach them?” The answer to this question can guide your business model as you go forward, and can even create a path for marketing, services you will offer, and hiring decisions.

2. Get creative about financing. 

As with all small businesses, your beauty salon will need some funding to get started. If you have been saving and have the money in your pocket to cover the startup costs, that’s great. However, if you do not, you will need to either secure investors or get a small-business loan. These loans are a great way to borrow what you need before you are able to start making money at the salon.

3. Obtain a great space and all your necessary equipment.

To have a salon you will, of course, need salon space and equipment. Spend some good time and money here as salon aesthetics are often quite important to clientele. People want to feel at ease and like they are experiencing a luxurious experience when they stop at your salon, so you will want to buy nice new office furniture in Michigan so that you can easily transport it to your salon space.

After you have acquired the space and have filled it with high-quality and attractive furniture, you will need to get the proper equipment. You will need hairdryers, washbasins, and salon chairs, as well as any lasering or esthetic equipment you need to offer additional and highly sought-after services like laser hair removal. This may sound expensive, but purchasing cosmetic lasers does not have to be. You can buy certified pre-used lasers from, which is a great way to save money while still receiving equipment to help run your salon. 

4. Adhere to all laws and get all proper certifications.

Like many businesses, salons need special government certifications, which can be different in each state. Research what Michigan’s state government needs in order to get and keep your business up and running. Once you ensure you have all the proper insurance, licensure, and that your salon is up to code, you are good to go. 

5. Hire fabulous stylists and estheticians.

The heart and soul of your salon will be the employees you hire to make your clients look amazing. Spend some real-time interviewing potential candidates and reviewing their work. This is the key to getting customers and keeping them coming back.

6. Host a big party to create a buzz! 

You may want to have an exciting grand opening party in order to create buzz for your salon. This is a great idea because it will welcome you to the community or neighborhood your space is in, and you will have the potential to gain new clients. Having a fun party will also help your business gain traction through word of mouth, which is great for building a rich client base of people who are excited to come to the salon.

7. After the initial high, stay organized and don’t lose momentum. 

Once you are all up and running, it is important to stay organized! None of your business success matters if it is not sustained. Do yourself a favor and invest in an all-in-one software that will track inventory, a client database for appointments, communications, and marketing. This will help you keep your success moving forward rather than getting bogged down in a mass of spreadsheets and hand-written ledgers. 

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