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Smarter Ways to Reach Your Target Audience

Smarter Ways to Reach Your Target Audience

So you’ve created a killer product, something you just know the world needs and will love, and you want to get the word out. This may be more challenging than it seems. While you may suppose that posting on your social media channels is a great way to find customers, that’s not all there is to it. You’ll want to pinpoint exactly who is seeing your social media posts and other advertisements. How old are the people most likely to engage with your product or service? What music do they like? Who do they hang out with? What behaviors are typical of them and their peers? How do they take their coffee or tea?

You need to answer all of these questions if you want to collect email addresses and social media handles of potential customers and convert them into consumers of your product. Basically, to know your target audience you need to get smart. Quick. Read on to learn about the best practices out there for finding and reaching your target audience.

Conduct some survey research.

This may sound obvious, but to get the right answers you need to ask the right questions. There are plenty of online survey sites out there that can help you design a questionnaire and collect respondent data. These survey sites will even help you with data evaluation so that you can quantify and qualify the info you garner from the respondents in your focus group.

There are tons of formats like survey tools that can come in the form of polls, video content, or a simple click-through questionnaire. Once you have more information about the people you want to sell to, you’ll be able to make smarter advertisements and get your new product in front of the right eyes. If you want to find the best surveys to answer your research questions and find insights about the demographics you’re targeting, consider reading up on the various survey sites on a blog like Survey Police. That way, you’ll know you’re directing respondents to a reputable survey site for a reliable online survey so that even sensitive questions can be answered safely.

Use motion graphics.

Once you know who you’re marketing to, it’s time to know how you’ll go about the marketing itself. It’s not enough to analyze the demographics and put up new surveys every Monday and Thursday—you now need to convert the survey results into action. One way to engage consumers is by using motion graphics or an animated video in your advertisements.

Video content tends to be more engaging and gets more air time in the social media feeds, plus an explainer video can provide info to customers if you have a complex product or service. Motion graphics and video content can be hard to put together if you don’t know how which is why you should find a motion graphics service to work with on this. Professional animators will be able to put together an animated video based on the market research, and then you can use the survey results to send them out over the airwaves to the best target audience.

Offer incentives.

Don’t just expect folks to answer your online survey questions for fun. Offer incentives—gift cards, product giveaways, new products, and more—to get people to opt-in. If you have specific questions you’d like answered, match an incentive to those questions. This will serve three purposes: you’ll get to test products, have your new products in customers’ homes (to hopefully get them hooked!), and obtain priceless survey results that you can turn into actionable business results. Don’t underestimate how much something as simple as a gift card can do when it comes to data collection via an online survey.

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