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Is Your Office Building Prepared for the Return of Your Employees?

Is Your Office Building Prepared for the Return of Your Employees?

During COVID-19, many offices were forced to close. Employees began working from home and waiting for a day they could return to that collaborative office setting. As a boss or manager, this was a difficult transition that required an adaptable attitude for everyone involved. However, now that things are looking to be on an upswing, offices are starting to reopen again.

As you get ready to make that important decision about reopening, there are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind. Make sure you are welcoming everyone back with open arms and the best practices for their physical and mental health. You’ll also need to check a few things within the office space itself. After sitting idle for such a long period of time, you may need to check some systems and accessories to make sure they’re in good working order. With the right dedication, you’ll be able to get your team back to work successfully and quickly in the best way. Here are a few things to check as you look to get your office reopened and your employees back to work.

Make sure your technology and electronics are in good shape.

Technology has been a crucial part of work during the pandemic. Now, you need to be sure you have the same access and additional products you need in your workspace. Get electronic access control from Banner Solutions that can help you improve your digital controls and system design. Visit to give you peace of mind that you have the capability to run a successful digital space without additional locks or power outages. Rather than always having to hire a technician to check your IT, take control on your own with the right solutions. This will get everyone back to work in the most successful way.

Check regular maintenance on the building.

Beyond the maintenance on your digital spaces, you’ll also need to check in with your regular maintenance on the full building. These structures aren’t designed to sit idle for long periods of time, so do your part to check different appliances and systems. Check valves on the sump pump. Call a plumber to monitor your bathrooms. Hire an HVAC technician to examine your heating and AC. Rely on professionals like Sump Pump Installation & Repair or first lock deadbolt repair to get your building up and running smoothly and successfully.

Employee incentives and accessories to make the office safe and comfortable.

It’s no secret that the past year and a half have been rough for so many people. With so much anxiety and uncertainty, your employees may be feeling burnt out or even apprehensive about returning to the office. Take the time to offer incentives or set up spaces that will make them feel completely comfortable to come back to work.

Added sanitation and cleaning routines can show them that you’re taking the pandemic seriously. Or make sure you’re providing clear guidelines for mask or vaccine policies. It may even behoove you to offer a hybrid system where employees can work from home and the office for a more flexible schedule.

Invest in employee wellness practices.

Another way you can make your employees comfortable with their return to work is with better wellness practices. Acknowledge the difficulties this past year has brought on everyone. Plus, many employees are leaving current positions for jobs that give them better benefits and are more fulfilling. When you invest in your employees with wellness practices, you’re giving them a healthy work-life balance and keeping them committed to the company. Offer therapy services, give mental health breaks and communicate effectively for a better return to the office vibe for everyone.

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