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How To Make the Most of Your Salon’s Grand Opening

How To Make the Most of Your Salon’s Grand Opening

Salons include hair, massage, tanning, pet, and nail salons. Patrons visit salons to alter their appearance or promote relaxation. Hairstylists, cosmetologists, skin specialists, and massage therapists provide expert services for their patrons.

Salons are localized businesses. They must attract clientele in their area who can visit their location in person. To raise their profile, salons can host a grand opening. Capitalizing on your salon’s opening ensures potential clients will hear about your business. You can pique their interest and entice them to check out your services.

Support your community.


Grand openings are community events. When you host a grand opening, you let your community know you’ve opened your doors and how your business can serve their needs. Planning a salon opening involves setting an appropriate date for your opening. It’s a good idea to consider community events to ensure you don’t conflict with established events. For example, suppose you’re thinking of opening your salon on the second Saturday in February, but you learn that’s the date when your community holds an annual polar bear plunge to raise money for charity. Opening your salon that weekend would conflict with an established charity event.

Instead, you could move your opening to the weekend before or after the polar bear plunge and find a way to support the fundraiser with your grand opening. Perhaps you’ll donate a percentage of profits from your opening weekend to the charity or enter patrons into a draw and choose a patron to sponsor at the plunge.

Hosting a grand opening party for a salon can be a lot of fun. You could hire local bands to perform music, enticing people to check out your salon, and hear a popular local band. You could hire other performers, such as clowns or magicians. Support local businesses by offering free snacks from a local bakery or hiring a local caterer to provide food for your guests. These community efforts can help you build business relationships in your new community and help you gain referrals from word of mouth.

Identify your ideal customers and prioritize their interests with your grand opening plans.


Your business may emphasize services for adults, or you may focus on providing services for the entire family. In that case, you might want to give balloons to youngsters and have entertainment for children. Your launch event plans should suit your ideal clientele. For example, suppose you’re opening a dog grooming salon. You may opt to support a local dog cafe and give canine guests treats from the dog cafe.

Many patrons favor businesses that support their communities. So look for ways to support your community with your grand opening party. For instance, as a new dog salon owner, you could donate funds to a community dog park or donate a percentage of your profits to a local dog rescue. In addition, you could invite a dog rescue and some adoptable pups to your launch party and offer a free grooming package for every dog adopted.

Make the most of equipment rentals.


Investing in a lighting equipment rental is a great way to invest in your marketing materials and add a unique feature to your launch party. When working with lighting equipment rental experts, you can determine the right lights to suit your needs. Use the lighting equipment to take high-quality marketing photos you can use to promote your business in advertisements and on social media. You can also use the lighting equipment to take pictures of your clients and give everyone who pays for services during your launch event a complimentary professional photo.

Capitalizing on your grand opening involves choosing the right time for your launch event, ensuring it doesn’t conflict with significant community events. Make the most of your launch event by creating marketing material, partnering with local businesses, and finding ways to support your community with your grand opening party.

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