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How Technology is Evolving for the Energy Sector

How Technology is Evolving for the Energy Sector

Perhaps no industry in the world has as many eyes on it as the energy field. After all, with climate change on many people’s minds and the United States’ involvement with the Paris Climate Accord hanging in the balance, there’s a lot of extra pressure on businesses and energy companies to do the right thing for the environment. That being said, it can be costly to do that sort of work without the right tools and information, making technological solutions pivotal to evolving with changing demands in your sector.

There are dozens of reasons why technology is evolving to help industries across the world, and the energy sector hasn’t. been left out. From tools to help your energy business increase its profits by finding new revenue streams to productivity methodologies that allow you to work more productively, tech is here to stay. Here are just a few ways that technology is evolving with the energy sector in positive ways.

OKR methodologies align all members of your team to the same goal.


Especially in the energy sector, it’s crucial that every member of your team works together effectively in order to hit your goals. That being said, it can be difficult to align each individual to the larger priorities of your organization if you’re a large energy company since there are so many people to get in alignment with. Technology offers some easy-to-use and intuitive ways to boost your employee productivity by ensuring that they’re always working towards the right things.

The OKR methodology, which stands for objectives and key results, is a helpful way to break each quarter’s main priorities into achievable, measurable goals. OKRs offer simplicity and efficiency when it comes to thinking about strategic plans since each objective is clearly defined with the key results that will constitute success when that goal is completed. OKR training can help each staff member of your energy company ensure that they understand how to set powerful objectives for themselves, as well as define key results and come up with stretch goals for the end of the quarter. All of this works together to create more alignment and cohesion between all members of your staff.

SaaS platforms offer energy retailers new marketing capabilities.


If you’re worried about losing business due to changing up the way your energy company operates, that’s totally understandable. That being said, there are other ways to find new revenue streams using technology so that it’s possible for you to make more sustainable choices without compromising your bottom line. Nobody wants to work harder for less pay, so consider using a SaaS platform like Quixotic360 to supercharge your marketing efforts when it comes to communicating with your distributors.

Quixotic360 was developed by Calibre as an end-to-end solution for energy retailers looking for powerful marketing tools to make their jobs easier. From generating XML files according to the regulations set forth by the CNMC to offering detailed reports and sending files to distributors automatically, Quixotic360 is full of helpful features to better market your energy. This can result in higher profits, allowing you to make more environmentally friendly decisions without compromising your sales.

Efficient manufacturing opens environmentally friendly options for homeowners.


On the consumer level, there are exciting technological advancements as well. Many of these evolutions involve more efficient manufacturing strategies that have made environmentally friendly energy options more affordable to the everyday consumer. For example, it’s much more affordable nowadays to install solar panels on your home than it was when the technology was first pioneered. Continuing developments in the efficiency of all energy technologies will continue to lower costs at the corporate and consumer level, ultimately boosting profit margins for savvy businesses who adapt to the times.

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