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How Do I Manage My Trucking Business?

How Do I Manage My Trucking Business?

Could you imagine where our country would be without the trucking industry? Indeed, our entire economy depends on truckers for the products we use every day.

Running a trucking company can be rewarding, but it’s not for the faint of heart. Hopefully, the tips in this brief article will make your job a tad easier. It still won’t be for the faint of heart, but at least you’ll have a solid foundation for your business strategy.

Build critical relationships throughout your service area.


One of the great things about being a truck driver is that you have an opportunity to see much of the country and meet people from all different walks of life. Indeed, road life can be exciting. It’s a good idea to have a network of relationships with other businesses that span your service area.

Let’s say one of your drivers blows a tire and needs a mobile mechanic in Dallas. It’s much better to already know a mobile mechanic in the area than to have to try to find one who operates around the clock and can get to your truck quickly. Maybe instead of maintenance services, your drivers need somewhere to park when in Denton. The point is that your drivers should never journey through your service area wondering if they’ll be able to find the people and services they need.

Implement a comprehensive marketing strategy.


Marketing is critical in every business, but it’s understandable if it doesn’t come naturally to you. It’s not a natural skill for most business owners. However, with the right marketing technology, your marketing team can create marketing campaigns like the pros.

With Welcome’s marketing orchestration software, you get different instruments that enable the automation of workflows and orchestration tools that help get the right content to the right channel. Furthermore, with CRM integration, you can create targeted marketing campaigns for individual customers and special promotions for loyal customers.

Customer experience is everything, and Welcome Software has the right marketing orchestration and resource management tools marketing teams need to create the best customer experience possible. They can create a single source of truth for marketing campaigns to ensure brand consistency and monitor the efficacy of their efforts in real-time. What more could you want in a single platform?

Use telematics and data analytics to optimize business operations.


Marketing tools are great, but you also need tools to optimize your fleet management operations and help you do your job better, too. Fleet telematics devices enable dispatchers to get actionable insights into everything from fuel usage to driver behavior. You can track the location, traveling speed, and idling time of your fleet vehicles in real-time. You can even use telematics devices to monitor vehicle performance and use historical data for predictive analytics, enabling preventative maintenance.

The trucking industry is as tough as the machines that transport goods from point A to point B. Customers have higher expectations than ever of transportation companies, including an individualized customer experience, a great ROI, and not to mention, the right products at the right time. After all, as the most critical cog in the supply chain, trucking companies are responsible for customer success and their own.

Companies that move goods all over the country need relationships that span their entire service area. Also, trucking companies must provide their marketing teams with the right martech solutions to reach and grow their target audience and customer base. Furthermore, big data is the wave of the future and the now, so implement it to optimize your business operations and customer experience. Finally, outsource your accounting and hire drivers who fit your company culture. Running a trucking company isn’t easy, but the trucking industry keeps America’s economy running—so someone has to do it. Aren’t you glad it’s you?

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