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5 Ways to Add a Personal Touch to Your Business

5 Ways to Add a Personal Touch to Your Business

One way to win over customers and encourage them to return is to add personal touches to your business. With the right branding, you can create a strong first impression for new customers and remind loyal clients why they love working for you. The best part is that adding personal touches doesn’t have to be expensive. You can make a few small changes that really make a difference. Check out these five ways to add personality to your brand.

1. Invest in personalized business cards.

Your business card is often the lasting impression people have of you. Your customers will remember where they met you last (at a conference or networking event) and they will hand it out to others for word-of-mouth promotions. If you want people to remember your face and your business, consider updating your business card design to present something more personalized.

You can develop your personalized business cards off of a template and adjust it to meet your functionality needs. Get creative with where you place your contact information and your job title. These small details can make people remember who you are.

2. Offer high-quality customer service.

Your customer service can set you apart from your competitors. Today, 89% of companies compete primarily on the basis of customer service, not on product or price. One way you can boost your customer care practices is to have a professional contact center where your customers can reach out to live representatives and ask questions.

Setting up a call center isn’t as complicated as it seems. If you use a service like brightpattern, you can tap into their call center professionals and let them create positive customer experiences.

3. Spend time getting to know your customers.

Personal connections will never go out of style. People want to be remembered and valued by those they interact with. You see this in diner regulars who are happy when a waitress knows their order or in professional communication when a vendor congratulates a business owner on a wedding or newborn.

Getting to know your customers doesn’t cost your company a dime. Spend a few seconds talking to each client and getting to know them. You can also train your employees to do the same. During this process, be genuine. If you really care about their well-being, you may be surprised at how your clients trust you.

4. Make sure your brand is in every aspect of your business.

Small details can set you apart from the rest and contribute to your overall brand. Evaluate every part of your company, from your email signature to your stationary, and consider how your business users will respond to your business. You want to create a sense of professionalism while also communicating your brand values and products. You may even want to hire a branding consultant who specializes in creating personalized customer experiences.

5. Show your customers your appreciation.

Your customers want to feel like you appreciate them and want to keep their business. Keep this in mind as you develop customer appreciation strategies and events. For example, you can add a few small gifts to an order if your customer spends a certain amount (like Sephora and other makeup brands do) or reward customer loyalty when they spend frequently.

Customer appreciation also comes in the form of events. You can through a customer appreciation sale or a “birthday party” for your business on each anniversary with music, games, and door prizes. This further connects customers to your business and creates a positive impression.

Personal touches can set your business above others in your industry. Evaluate each part of your business and make sure it reflects you and your values.

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