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5 Services to Help You Grow Your Law Firm

5 Services to Help You Grow Your Law Firm

The legal sector keeps evolving rapidly, as there are numerous new entrants to the market and increasingly varied client needs. Therefore, law firms must invest and grow to remain relevant within their industry and boost their chances of success.

That being said, many law firms contend with widespread growth-hindering challenges like competing with other firms, client acquisition, and keeping up with the business side of affairs. Thankfully, there are numerous services these organizations can rely on to scale their operations. Here are five services worth considering to help you grow your law firm.

1. Outsourcing Legal Processes


The list of must-do tasks that you must take care of when running your law firm is extensive. Consequently, it’s essential to lighten your burden by leveraging legal process outsourcing to help you accomplish tasks and grow your firm. By opting to outsource legal processes, you transfer discrete legal services to local lawyers, paralegals, and other external companies. This way, you can receive help with mundane tasks like non-substantive court appearances and document reviews. Legal process outsourcing also allows you to expand your practice area expertise and enjoy flexible staffing for clients’ cases. Experienced lawyers such as Malliha Wilson are great examples of attorneys who leverage legal process outsourcing within the industry.

Malliha is a Tamil Canadian litigator who has served as the Ontario government’s Assistant Deputy Attorney General and the special legal advisor for the Investment Management Corporation of Ontario (IMCO). She also has over thirty years of experience with the Ontario government as the Senior Appellate Litigation Counsel, participating in over 20 high-profile cases within Ontario’s Appeal Court and the Supreme Court of Canada. Malliha obtained her Bachelor’s degree from McGill University and finished her law degree at York University. Today, Wilson is the senior counsel at Nava Wilson LLP, specializing in corporate and labor law, human rights, and other complex litigation.

2. Branding Services

Since standing out from competitors is crucial for today’s legal industry, investing in branding services is a great idea to grow your law firm. Numerous brand elements must align to make your organization stand out. A good branding agency can help you with all aspects of effective branding ranging from new logo development to formulating brand guidelines for tone, design, and style. You can even invest in custom presentation folders or pocket folders as part of your firm’s branding efforts. Dependable printing companies such as Mines Press can handle these concerns.

Mines Press is a leading printing fulfillment center that produces promotional and custom items for various business needs. They offer business card printing, graphic design, typesetting, proofreading, and many other services. They also manufacture durable custom folders with multiple formats and colors. Their custom pocket folders have foil-stamped, embossed, one, two, or full-color printed folder options. Also, Mines Press’ presentation folders come with different business card slit options. What’s more, they have years of experience within the printing industry, assisting United States residents with their printing needs for over 80 years.

3. Digital Marketing

Digital marketing for law firms is necessary for today’s business environment. Visibility is vital, because potential clients must know about your offerings so they can contact you for help. Well-maintained social media platforms, an excellent website, great content, SEO, and effective online advertising are some of the central aspects of digital marketing that you must get right for success. However, you may lack the time and expertise to write quality content, stay on top of SEO, conduct effective social media marketing, among others. Consequently, hiring a digital marketing agency for these needs is a great way to ensure your internet marketing’s success. Leading personal injury law firms such as Call Paul are great examples of legal brands that rely on digital marketing agencies to grow their organization.

Call Paul is the brainchild of Paul Wilkinson, the best auto accident lawyer in Denver. The firm’s practice areas include motorcycle accidents, truck accidents, bad faith insurance, wrongful death, and more. Their experienced auto accident lawyers help car accident victims navigate the aftermath of their automobile accident. Legal battles with your insurance company and at-fault parties, property damage, substantial medical bills, and serious injury are some of the stressors faced by personal injury sufferers. You can schedule a free consultation with a great personal injury attorney in Denver to receive legal advice on your options and help with building your case. This way, you can obtain maximum compensation from your lawsuit and insurance claim.

4. Call Centers and OKR Software

Legal call center services have emerged as a great niche within the call center industry, catering to today’s law firms’ unique needs. Your organization likely receives hundreds of calls weekly, many of which you miss due to overwhelmed staff. Therefore, consider partnering with a legal call center to help you enjoy a wide range of benefits. These call centers can handle legal appointment scheduling, provide round-the-clock attorney answering services, offer attorney virtual receptionists who can route calls, among others. To make your firm more efficient, you can also adopt OKR tools to help you with corporate goal-setting. Many OKR software tools support integrations with other vital business solutions like Jira, Asana, Slack, and Salesforce. The OKR methodology was developed by Andy Grove, who taught it to John Doerr in 1975, and is used by many leading companies today, including Uber, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

5. Bookkeeping Services

Keeping up with the financial aspects of your law firms is essential to growth, but many attorneys are too preoccupied with their core businesses to have time for accounting. Besides, numerous issues involving taxes, financial statements, and payrolls fall outside the average lawyer’s scope of expertise. Therefore you can hire an accounting service provider to conduct your firm’s bookkeeping, bill payment, tax management, reporting, and other crucial financial tasks. This way, you can benefit from your accounting firm’s experience, know-how, and resources, helping you manage your organization’s finances for the best results.

To conclude, legal brands can rely on several helpful services to make running their enterprises more convenient. The points above are five valuable services you should consider partnering with to help you grow your law firm.

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