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4 Ways To Improve Safety in the Industrial Workplace

4 Ways To Improve Safety in the Industrial Workplace

In the United States, business owners and warehouse floor managers adapt to new safety measures on a regular basis. Aside from the most important protocols regarding security and safety on the warehouse floor, the COVID-19 pandemic has dictated additional measures for social distancing and in-person contact. With so many elements to consider, instilling the best means for employee safety can seem daunting. However, some of the most crucial things to consider are the easiest protocols to introduce.

If you’re in charge of a warehouse location’s team, covering the most important areas of safety protocols is always the best way to go. Here, we will look at just four of those safety solutions and how you can bring them into your own warehouse operations.

1. Forklift Safety Measures


Every warehouse needs a well-maintained lift truck and accompanying forklift. Although only the most skilled team members with the proper training may act as your forklift operators, the safety protocols shouldn’t end there. Keeping in mind the weight of your average pallet load capacity, increasing inspections of the forklift’s functions is a great idea for your forklift operator’s safety. Be sure that your operator’s training is always up to date. In addition, if lift truck fork replacement appears necessary, quickly get the needed new equipment to ensure proper forklift safety.

2. Safe Indoor Air Quality

It’s important to remember that occupational safety is also a reflection of the times. Due to the past year’s pandemic, businesses of all industries have had to incorporate stronger indoor air quality into their routine workflow. Not only does clean indoor air help slow the spread of COVID-19, but breathable air can help prevent numerous other respiratory illnesses. Be sure that your warehouse’s HVAC system is inspected and cleaned multiple times a year. Also, keep up to date with the latest clean air technology solutions. In today’s modern business environment, many manufacturers of industrial-grade equipment have health and environmental conservation at the forefront of priorities. This can greatly benefit your warehouse’s own air conditioning and heating systems. As an added benefit, HVAC systems that run sufficiently also help keep your company’s utility bills low and decrease the chances of system breakdown and replacement.

3. Remote Operations off the Floor

As mentioned above, new requirements for social distancing have become routine protocols within every industry. You may wonder how this can be feasible for warehouse operations, as in-person contact is important for running a warehouse floor. However, you can consider converting your office and administration work to off-site remote working. Over the past year, virtual office software and cloud-based data sharing have allowed numerous industries to thrive, even in the face of a pandemic. For additional safety, granting your management and clerical team members to work from home could solve social distancing issues, guaranteeing even more safety for your entire workplace. A remote work environment can even benefit your management team, as mobile apps are available for consistent contact from anywhere, even in emergency circumstances.

4. Increased Safety Training


Although all warehouse employees are required to receive the proper training in order to work various positions on the warehouse floor, new safety and health concerns dictate new training programs. Rather than viewing additional training as a burden, the implementation of continued education regarding contactless communication and new equipment safety can be addressed as a major benefit for the job. Additional training can give your business not only a large percent reduction in on-site injuries and other health hazards but also a genuine morale boost for employees concerned with modern safety protocols.

Today’s warehouse managers are in a unique position to supply their team members with new equipment and protocols that can truly enable ongoing safety and well-being. With the right resources, a safe work environment can become even more productive.

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